Insta Pro APK Download Latest Version For Android v10.75

Insta Pro APK Provide Extra Features Like Download Images, Videos and Reels. Instagram Pro is the Mod Of Instagram. Developed By Sam Mods.

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Insta Pro APK

Are you tired of the official restrictions of Instagram and want some positive social change? Download Insta Pro to get a restriction-free experience. Download Instagram Reels. Save profile pictures & post images. Download Instagram videos, stories, and IGTV content. Enhance your anonymity with ghost mode and tons of personalized privacy options in feeds & chats. Get rid of ads. Enhance the social experience with a customized UI and try various themes for it. Switch b/w Dark/Light UI colors. Boost your sharing with high-quality uploads. Use a dual account. Manage your account seamlessly. Enter the social world with a completely personalized & customized style. Secure your data & Instagram content with an App lock and set a chat lock for secret conversations. Go for schedule posting. Disable typing status in DM. Download InstaPro and take your social & Instagram experience to the Max level.

Insta Pro

While Instagram is serving billions of users with its social services, it also has some limitations. For instance, there are no media download permission and UI  customization options. Moreover, ads are many to make your social experience a bit boring. Hence, a more advanced and flexible Mod version is designed for users that is Insta Pro APK. It has a collection of advanced features. Get unlimited media download, fully customizable UI, and an ad-free seamless experience. Moreover, it boosts your social influence with its in-depth analysis and variety of tools for content creators. The best part is its anti-ban feature and anonymous socializing experience.

The Pro version has been serving users for years to provide them restriction-free experience. Now a further advancement has been made in it to present you its modified form Insta Pro 2 APK. It has a more flexible UI, AI-powered algorithms, and a special tool kit. Especially for struggling content creators, it is the perfect option. Its smart hashtag manager and trending collections of hashtags will boost your social influence. Moreover, it helps you to modify your content strategies according to your audience with tailored content. Its in-depth analysis, influencer tool kit, schedule posting, and Unfollower tracker will give a great boost to your experience as a content creator. 

This pro version brings the power of Meta AI, media downloading capabilities, ad-blocker, and many pro features for users. Here is the detailed feature list to cover its all offerings. 

Downloading Capabilities

The first thing that the official app lacks and users love to have is a media download feature. Because of strict content policies, Instagram is not allowed to download anything on the official app & web version. But now this Insta Pro App will give you complete power for downloading anything. 

Download Instagram Videos

Official app users have to use external apps or web-based online Instagram Video Downloader. But here you will get an integrated download feature for all the videos on this social network. Download videos from posts, reels, and stories with just three quick taps on the video. 

Instagram Reels Downloader

No need for external Reels saver apps or online platforms when you have the InstaPro App. It allows you to download HD-quality videos and high-resolution images from reels. Moreover, you can also download audio content of different reels with its integrated Reels save.


Instagram Photo Downloader

A big portion of multimedia content on Instagram is in the form of images. But you can download any photo and most users go for screenshots to get any desired image from Instagram. This pro version brings a solution for you with its in-built Instagram Photo Downloader. Just tap thrice on any photo in this app it will be saved to the gallery. 

Instagram Story Saver

Insta Pro APK is your Instagram Story Saver. It allows users to download & save video/photo content from stories. You can download stories and access them offline in your gallery. 

Download IGTV Content

IGTV is a longtail video content on Instagram. But if you miss watching any IGTV video online then this pro version allows you to enjoy offline. You can download IGTV content in this pro version app to enjoy offline anytime you want.


On the official Instagram app, you have to go through a huge amount of ads every day. These ads not only make your experience annoying but also consume a lot of internet data and time. Hence, Insta Pro APK Download brings in an ad blocker. It will limit all sorts of ads from feeds to in-stream ads.

Power of Meta AI

Instagram is the product of Meta Company which owns Facebook & WhatsApp. Meta has launched an AI feature called Meta AI on its all platforms including Instagram. However, all the Mod versions lack this AI feature. But you can get this Meta AI feature in the Pro version offered on this page. 

Customization Galore

Contrary to the official app of Instagram, InstaPro brings diverse customization options. Its built-in customization galore allows you to change different UI elements. You can customize settings, privacy, color, layout, feed style, and theme. 

Ghost Mode

Social media users love to enjoy anonymity. Especially after the development of GBWhatsApp, Mod versions of other social networks also introduced anonymity features. This Instagram Pro App also brings in ghost mode. It will give an anonymous experience by hiding your online status and presence on this platform. 

Hide Online Status

Insta Pro APK comes with a diverse array of anonymity features. One of the standout features is that it allows you to hide your online status. You can disable the green tick that shows online presence. Hence, giving you an anonymity layer while staying online on this app. 

View Stories & Reels Anonymously

When you watch any story or reel on Instagram, your profile name appears in the story view or reel view list to the publisher of that content. But now you overcome it. This pro version allows you to view stories & reels without showing your presence to the publisher. 

Disable Typing Status in DM

DM (direct message) is an Instagram feature that helps to conversate with others. In the official app, when you type something, the text ‘Typing’ is shown to the user at the other end which shows that you are typing something. But now Instapro APK allows you to disable it. It will enhance your anonymity in direct messaging. 

Built-in Themes

Contrary to the single traditional theme of the official Instagram app, you will find more diversity in the pro version. It comes with a theme store that contains dozens of built-in themes for UI. You can try different themes with various colors and UI setups. 

App Lock

Security is always users’ first preference. Hence, Instagram Pro offers complete user security with a dedicated app lock. You can lock your pro app behind a password. It also supports finger, PIN, and face lock. 

Chat Lock

If you have some secret chat with someone special then try to protect them with a chat lock. This app allows you to use different chat locks for different apps to keep your secret chats highly secure. 

Dual Account Support

Insta Pro App allows to use of two accounts. You can simultaneously run two accounts in one app without any switching hassle. Because this app keeps both accounts alive at a time. 

Schedule Posting

Select any image/video or create a text post. Now schedule it for posting with the schedule posting feature of this pro version. This pro feature will automatically publish the post at a scheduled time. 

Dark/Light Mode

Night owls love to enjoy dark mode for different apps and social platforms. If you are willing to have it for Instagram then Instapro APK brings it for you. You can use dark mode at night and easily switch to light mode at day time. It offers a smart one-click toggle to switch b/w night and light mode. 

Enhanced Sharing Quality

Instagram compresses the quality of images & videos while sharing which makes the sharing experience a bit annoying. But now you can enhance this experience with this pro version. It allows HD quality sharing without any compression. 

Extended Video Sharing

Contrary to the official app, here you will enjoy an extended video sharing. The official app only allows 60-second videos for reels and stories. But this Insta Pro APK Download overcomes this limit. You can share longtail videos as reels, stories, and posts. 

Anti-ban Feature

Where all other Mods of Instagram and different social media platforms are facing bans, this pro version keeping all bans away. You will get an anti-ban feature in it. This feature ensures your account protection while enjoying a pro experience for socializing. 

Post Filters

This is among the most advanced features that you will ever get on this social platform. It will allow you to personalize Insta Feeds. You can filter videos or images from feeds to keep either one in the feeds.  

In-depth Analysis

InstaPro brings an in-depth analysis feature. This feature will analyze the influencing power of your content, audience engagement with your content, and your content strategies. Moreover, it also tracks users who left following you on Instagram. With this data and analysis, it brings more effective strategies for you to keep users engaged with your content. 

Icon Customization

Instagram’s official app has an iconic app icon that is globally known. But what if you change it? Yes, this Pro version allows icon customization and you can change the icon with any of the images from your gallery. 

Personalized Privacy Settings

You will get a high level of privacy in this app with personalized settings. Make your chats more encrypted and secure. Boost your privacy for Insta feeds and your overall experience on this platform. 

The official app is there. Plenty of Mods for Instagram. Then why did someone specifically go for the Insta Pro App? Well! The reasons are many. Its wide armory of features and pro-socializing experience make it a much better choice. It offers anonymity, media download, customization, ad-free experience, personalized privacy settings, enhanced sharing, and a variety of features. The best thing is its anti-ban protection. All these features with anti-ban protection make it a better option than the official app and other Instagram Mods.

insta pro download

It is one of the most discussed comparisons for Instagram users. They often compare these two apps to make an idea of which one is better for them. Here we bring a detailed comparison b/w the two. 

Instagram App

  • Official app powered by Meta and comes with complete verification.
  • Legal & official status is approved.
  • Supported by all sorts of devices from iOS to Android and Linux to Windows.
  • Available on all official platforms, app stores, and official websites. 
  • 100% secure with zero risk for device security and account security. 
  • Frequent updates with the latest features. 
  • Contains Ads.
  • Does not allow media download.
  • No personalization & customization.
  • Do not offer any anonymity feature.


  • Unofficial Instagram Mod with no verification from Play Protect. 
  • No legal status. 
  • Works well for Android devices only. 
  • Not available on any official platform. You can get it on this page.
  • May contaminate the device and also cause account bans. 
  • There is no auto-update feature as you have to update the outdated app version from this page manually. 
  • Comes with an ad-blocker to give you an ad-free experience. 
  • Allows you to download media from reels, posts, stories, highlights, IGTV, and profile DP.
  • Offers personalized privacy settings and UI experience with endless personalization options.
  • Comes with customization galore & endless customization with a variety of themes. 
  • Ghost Mode, hide online status, disable typing status, and many other anonymity features. 


  • Wide range of pro features that are not offered even on the official Instagram app. 
  • Supports media download to save reels, download videos & images.
  • Quality sharing for enhanced experience. 
  • Share extended videos.
  • Enjoy Anonymity.
  • Dozens of in-app themes. 
  • Dark/light mode with switch toggle.
  • Dual account support.
  • App lock & chat lock.
  • Power of Meta AI.
  • Post filters & ad-filters.
  • Ad-blocker.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Built-in translation option. 
  • A wide array of fonts, custom emoji packs, and an endless amount of stickers.


  • Unknown & unofficial Mod that may prove malicious.
  • Can cause an account ban.
  • Not available on official platforms.
  • Can cause errors and app crashes.

Errors & Solution

InstaPro App is designed by a team of professional developers and a dedicated team of developers is also onboard to manage its smooth functionality. But still, it’s a human thing that can bring any error at any time. Here we gonna enlist some common problems that are reported by users. We are also enlisting the solutions to these problems. 

Installation Error

This app is installed from different unknown third-party websites and may bring installation errors.

Solution: You might be installing an APK file that has an error in it. Try the latest APK file given on this page and also make sure that the toggle for Unknown Source Installation is turned on in your device settings>>Security. 

Live Streaming Issue

In live streaming, you may face two issues. The first one is ‘No Sound’ while the second is ‘No Picture’ issue. 

Solution: Go with the latest version of the app and check if permission is allowed for InstaPro in device Settings. Allow camera, mic, and speaker permissions for this pro version app. 

Connection Error

Connection errors are among the common errors for this pro version. 

Solution: This error is caused by a glitchy app version or a weak internet connection. Update your app from this page and switch to a strong internet connection.

InstaPro Install

Insta Pro APK Download

Instagram official app is available for free download on different platforms for different devices. But it has restrictions that users want to overcome. Are you one of those who are tired of official restrictions and willing to switch to the pro version? But no official platform offers this pro version app. Hence, users find it tricky to get the latest and functional APK file for this app. InstaPro APK Latest Version is available on this page for free download. You can download it for free. We offer a one-click download button for this pro version on this page. Go for that button and grab the latest APK file for installation. 

Once you have the APK file, the installation process is on. Go with these steps for installation.

  • Open Settings on your device with the main settings app. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Security’ section that manages different permissions and security measures for the device. 
  • Look for the ‘Unknown Source Installation’ toggle and enable it to permit installation of this pro version. 
  • Go to the APK file that you got from this page and open it on your device.
  • Tap the Install button. 
  • Launch the app, log in to your Insta account, and enjoy unlimited pro socializing on the go. 

Insta Pro APK does not have any auto-update feature. Hence you have to manually do that. Uninstall the outdated app. Now visit the download page on this website and download the latest version of the APK given there. Use the installation steps listed on this page and install the latest version to get an updated app. 

InstaPro brings complete revolution to your Instagram experience. It brings endless innovations, customizations, and personalizations. You can enjoy unlimited media downloads with a simple download process and HD download quality. Save reels. Download videos. Save images. Enjoy complete anonymity with Ghost mode, ‘Hide online status’, ‘Disable Typing Status’, and other anonymity features. Try a diverse range of themes, personalizations, and customization for app UI. Secure your app, data, and conversations with app lock & chat lock. Socialize like a pro and forget about account bans all thanks to its anti-ban feature. Download Insta Pro APK and enjoy non-stop socializing with unlimited pro features.

Is InstaPro 2 better than InstaPro?

Both are the pro versions and come with almost identical setups. There are hardly any differences b/w the two except the app name. 

Does InstaPro allow media download?

Yes, you can download media reels, videos, photos, posts, and profile images.

Is InstaPro safe?

This pro version is safe as the APK file is scanned for different glitches. All bugs are fixed. Moreover, anti-ban protection is also included in it. 

Does Insta Pro APK contain ads?

No, there is an ad-blocker in it that ensures a seamless & ad-free experience. All the in-stream and advertising popups are blocked in it. 

Can the InstaPro App cause an account ban?

It has an anti-ban feature that protects the account from ban with its best abilities. But still, there are chances to face an account ban.